I am a Berlin based junior full stack web developer in training.
Since July 2017, I am learning JavaScript(ES6, ES7), HTML & CSS, React.js/Redux, Node.js/Express at Digital Career Institute Berlin.
This portfolio gives an overview of some projects developed during the last month.
You can hire me!

Our final project (in progress): a peer shopping app that allows you to connect to someone to shop for you when you just cant do it.
Its not live yet, but you can check our Github.
A class project learning jQuery, Node.js and MySQL creating an Online Shop.
Its all live - to register, login and "buy" something.
A one week project developed in collaboration with another class. My responsibilities included parts of the backend - login, registration routes using passport local strategy as well as MongoDB set up and models.
A collection of nine smaller coding challenges and exercises.
My solutions to the Star Wars Api exercise from our class. All Vanilla Javascript.
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